New hobby picked up – domains collecting!

New hobby picked up – domains collecting!

Last night right before going to bed, I read a news that .dev domains were officially open to public registration. I did own a couple of custom domain names, but .dev, hmm, sounds even more attractive.

I then quickly checked availability from Google Domains, and booked a few of them that sounds interesting enough to me.

The personalized, which shares the same second-level domain name with this site, was my first pick. I was surprised to find that some Chinese domain names are available as well. More surprisingly, I was able to register 我.dev. Without a concrete plan, I redirected both of them to this site for now.

Before I finished shopping domains, I picked, in the hope of writing code with good quality. No plan for this one either, I’ll see what I can do with it. Costing me only $12/year each, it might be a good investment. Who knows.

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