Discovery 公园城市远足 / Into the Wild, 20 Minutes from Downtown

Discovery 公园城市远足 / Into the Wild, 20 Minutes from Downtown

如果不是因为劳动节假期计划得太晚,热门的目的地不论是航线还是酒店,不是售罄就是太贵,我们也不会选择距离市中心20分钟车程的Discovery Park作为说走就走的目的地。

Were it not for that we planned too late for this Labor Day, Discovery Park wouldn’t be our first choice.

Discovery Park面积534亩,是西雅图最大的公园,位于Magnolia neighborhood,普吉特湾东岸。


We started from the South Parking Lot, and this “golf ball” was the first thing that came into our sights. It was a FAA tower that “relocated from McChord Air Force Base in 1960”, and “abandoned by the Air Force in 1963 and turned over to the FAA”.

FAA tower, used to be Fort Lawton Air Force Station (1960-1963)


As we headed west, we arrived at a view point with a nice view of Puget Sound (northern extent of Elliot Bay).

View of Puget Sound

沿着South Beach Trail向公园最西端灯塔行进,透过密集的树丛看到海景。
On our way along the South Beach Trail to the West Point Lighthouse, a glimpse of the Sound through trees.

South Beach Trail总体来说难度不大,景色也不错。
A backward look at the trail.


Finally reached the destination of the journey — West Point Lighthouse.

West Point Lighthouse

A closer look at the lighthouse


Unfortunately, the line for the last shuttle cut off right before us. We had no choice but to spend another hour on our way back to the parking lot.



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