The Artist Between Elevators 电梯间里的壁画师

The Artist Between Elevators 电梯间里的壁画师


As early as Day 1 of my job, I noticed that the whiteboards between elevators looks differently from those in other buildings.


The whiteboard art pieces are usually created on a weekly basis.

Ninja Gaiden


These drawings feature figures from various stories, from various countries.



… some of which cost a lot of marker pens, apparently.



Whenever a holiday is coming, you can always expect something special.

The Nightmare Before Christmas, taken at Halloween 2017

《芝麻街》 2017感恩节
Sesame Street, Thanksgiving 2017

后来打听到,这些画的作者 sesshydaiyokai 貌似是楼里的一位保安小哥,利用工作之外的时间在电梯间的白板上进行绘画创作。他说,他喜欢在画完之后的每个晚上回到电梯间,看看大家的留言。

直到有一天,在他的instagram上看到他被调到另外一栋楼了。在那之后,Houdini South的电梯间便不再那么精彩。

Later I heard that the author sesshydaiyokai seems to be a security guy in the building, who “loved coming in every night drew stuff and reading the comments”.

Those whiteboards between elevators has been filled with his artwork, until one day he announced on instagram his transfer to another building. Houdini South never regained as much vitality ever since, which is a shame.

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